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Electronic Circuits: A Complete Guide To The Evolution

The Moog synthesizer was brought to the mainstream in 1968 by Switched-On Bach, a bestselling album of Bach compositions organized for Moog synthesizer by American composer Wendy Carlos. The album achieved critical and industrial success, winning the 1970 Grammy Awards for Best Classical Album, Best Classical Performance – Instrumental Soloist or Soloists , and Best Engineered Classical Recording. This part might include information not essential or related to the article’s subject. Karlheinz Stockhausen within the Electronic Music Studio of WDR, Cologne, in 1991Karlheinz Stockhausen worked briefly in Schaeffer’s studio in 1952, and afterward for a few years on the WDR Cologne’s Studio for Electronic Music. A tv set, for example, has as its enter a broadcast signal obtained from an antenna, or for cable tv, a cable.